Region 3

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Town of LaGrange
Dutchess County

Daley Farm Planned Development District

Environmental Impact Statement - Vol. 1 (39 mb)
Environmental Impact Statement - Vol. 2 (54 mb)
Conceptual Site Plan (6 mb)
Existing Conditions Map (6 mb)


Village of Mamaroneck
Westchester County

Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club

Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Chapter 1 - Executive Summary


Chapter 2 - Description


Chapter 3 - Purpose-Need


Chapter 4 - Environmental Analysis


Chapter 5 - Alternatives


Chapter 6 - Adverse Effects


Chapter 7 - Irreversible


Chapter 8 - Growth Inducing




  Table of Contents
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  Appendix B
  Appendix C
  Appendix D


Appendix E